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“Into my 90s, I go very slow with [a] walker. [I] can’t drive anymore to put your great magazine all over like I used to. [I] sure wish I could – America needs it more than ever. All I can do now is pray – and I do.”

 - Harriett from Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Thank you for publishing a magazine telling us what has happened in the past and what we need to be aware of in the future.”

 - Donna from Anoka, Minnesota

“Thank you and your staff for defending our liberties, keeping us informed, [and] encouraging American patriots for years, especially by holding and standing firm on Christian values according to God’s Word! I love your AFA Journal and am always eager to read it cover to cover!”

 - Sally from Afton, Minnesota

“I have been in prison for more than a quarter century now. On November 6, 2018, by the providence of God Almighty and His most merciful grace and foresight, I found myself tuned into AFR. I was in a daze and searched for a distraction on the radio. AFR, amazingly, was the only station I could find coming in clearly. For the next 100 days, I listened to AFR in a marathon fashion. On February 14, 2019, I gave my life to Jesus. AFR was the vehicle that was used to deliver God’s Word to me! I am grateful to each of you.”

 - Richard from Gatesville, Texas

“I’m a 78-year-old woman who lives alone, and I’m also on hospice. I keep your station on 24/7. Your station has affected me more than anything, and at 70-years-old, I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior. I just can’t thank Jesus enough for leading me to your radio station.”

 - Diana from Baker City, Oregon

“I am currently residing in a federal prison camp in Lexington, Kentucky. Being here and serving our Lord Jesus Christ has been such a blessing [that] words cannot even describe. He has put [within me] such a hunger for His Word and a discerning spirit to understand things. He also led me to an amazing [radio] channel, 96.5 Lexington – aka AFR. Before this, I had no clue what a Christian worldview was, nor did I know what apologetics were. I only knew that God led me to your station because you guys were going to play a huge role in my transformation. I love all of you there at AFR. I thank God for such an amazing station. Please know that each of you are fulfilling Matthew 25:36c: “I was in prison, and you came to visit me.” I thank you for this. God bless and watch over all at AFR and your families.”

 - LeeAnn from Lexington, Kentucky

“I listen to KBCX 91.5 FM here in Big Spring, Texas. I listen to AFR gratefully for several hours each day and am fed by your programming. Furthermore, I look forward to the AFA Journal each month. Between the AFA Journal and AFR programming, you help shine the light of Yeshua into this dark place where it is so easy to get discouraged. I cannot begin to thank you enough for the encouragement, blessings, [and] spiritual food you provide.”

 - Peter from Big Spring, Texas

 - Naomi from Texas

 - Laura Perry

 - Cindy from Mississippi

 - Dean from South Dakota

 - Hispanic from Arkansas

 - Stephanie from Arkansas


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