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Emmanuel Dannon

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 @ 08:57 AM Emmanuel Dannon Don Wildmon Founder MORE

In a world where the truth often takes a backseat to convenience, the story of Emmanuel Dannan stands as a beacon of unwavering integrity. This episode of It's My Turn, hosted by Don Wildmon, takes us on an emotional journey through the life of an orphan boy who, despite his brief existence, taught a lesson that resonates through time.

Emmanuel's story begins in the Milwaukee poorhouse, a place of last resort for the destitute and orphaned. At the tender age of seven, he found what he thought was a new beginning with the Nortons, a family who adopted him and brought him to their farm. But this new chapter was far from idyllic. When asked to compromise his honesty, Emmanuel's simple yet profound response, "Pa, I don't lie," set the stage for a tragic turn.

The steadfast refusal to betray his principles led to Emmanuel's cruel punishment and untimely death. Yet, in his suffering, he embodied the purity and innocence that adults often lose. His story is a poignant reminder of the virtues we all admire and aspire to: freedom, brotherhood, justice, love, helpfulness, kindness, appreciation.

Bro. Don's narration is both a memorial and a moral compass, guiding us through the ugliness of adult prejudices and back to the simple truths we knew as children. Emmanuel's legacy, although marred by the theft of funds meant for his monument, eventually triumphed with the erection of a memorial over a century later.

This podcast episode is not just a history lesson; it's a call to action. It challenges us to invest in the young minds around us, to teach love and gratitude, and to uphold the values that can prevent the world's destruction. Emmanuel Dannon may have only been eight years old, but his greatness was in his commitment to the highest he knew.

Emmanuel's life was a testament to the enduring power of truth, and his story deserves to be heard and remembered. It's a story that affirms, even in its tragedy, that the kingdom of heaven is indeed for those who, like Emmanuel, do what God requires.

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