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Is this the end of America? Alex McFarland says No!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 @ 3:06 PM Is this the end of America? Alex McFarland says No!
How to defend our nation before it's too late

Our national elections are only five weeks away, and the battle for the soul of America is intensifying. The division in our country is the worst I can remember since the late 1960s.

Each new day brings increasingly angry and bitter tirades from the "progressive" left. Their words continue to get darker and their threats more savage.

A couple of recent incidents struck me as I prepared to write this note to you.

  • Washington and Lee University in Virginia came under fire after it was discovered that the school was offering to students a course on "How to overthrow the state." According to Fox News, the course encouraged the students to consider ways, as the supposed head of "a popular revolutionary movement," to overthrow the government and "forge a better society."
  • A confederation of radical leftist groups held a Zoom meeting to discuss ways to foment "mass public unrest" should the November elections not produce a clear presidential winner.

The secular left is unhinged, and no one can predict where their violent hatred will lead this country. But I know this:

AFA will remain committed to Christian teaching and, politically speaking, to the founding principles of this great nation.

We won't be scolded into silence, we won't be intimidated into passivity, and we won't be shamed into compromise.

Many of you have stood with AFA for a long time; some of you might be new to the "culture war." But through your faithful gifts you have kept AFA in the fight.

We must stand up to the bullies on the regressive left who want to overthrow the founding principles that have made this nation great.

That's why I am asking for your financial support.

For your generous support of AFA's mission, I'll send you The Assault on America: How to Defend Our Nation Before It's Too Late, a book by our very own Alex McFarland. Alex co-hosts Exploring the Word, heard live daily on our American Family Radio Network. This book is powerful and timely. Alex asks the question, "Is this the end of America?" He gives a resounding answer: No!

Alex doesn't bury his head in the sand; he lays out the many ways that our country is in deep, deep trouble. But Alex provides a Bible-based, practical road map to moral and political sanity.   

For the cause of faith, family, and freedom,

Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association 


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