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Millennials Aren’t as Bad as You Think

Millennials Aren’t as Bad as You Think

Jordan Chamblee | 12/9/2016 9:13:50 AM

Here are some positive traits of Millennials that are often overshadowed by negativity.


'Highlights' Magazine has Caved to the Left

Monica Cole | 12/8/2016 1:25:02 PM

'Highlights' children's magazine agrees to indoctrinate children regarding homosexuality.


The Dressmaker and the Baker: Who's the Real Bigot?

Bryan Fischer | 12/8/2016 10:00:18 AM

If Sophia Theallet has the right to refuse to make a dress for someone why does Melissa Klein not have the same right to decline to bake a cake?


Hope: Pathway to Eternity

Dr. Ray Rooney, Jr. | 12/8/2016 8:36:17 AM

If all our hopes are tied to this present world, we may have a rude awakening in the next.

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State of Connecticut Attacks AFA-Video

Tim Wildmon | 12/7/2016 2:20:53 PM

Gay government official tramples on the First Amendment by sending a letter saying that AFA's religious beliefs and actions about marriage and sexuality may disqualify the organization from charitable status.


War and Home

Rusty Benson | 12/7/2016 10:39:47 AM

On this 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, we must remember that the mind-numbing numbers of lives lost and changed during World War II represent real people made in the image of God.

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