Sign the Boycott Target Pledge!
Target's store policy endangers women and children by allowing men to frequent women's facilities.
Boldly Stand for Life

Boldly Stand for Life

Joseph Parker | 10/28/2016 2:29:52 PM

Make sure both you and your local church are involved in the sanctity of life issue.


The Gay Gestapo Is Coming for Your Bible

Bryan Fischer | 10/28/2016 12:45:24 PM

If the state of Georgia can demand a pastor's sermons and sermon notes then there is no religious freedom there, plain and simple.


Our Christian Duty

David E. Smith | 10/28/2016 8:53:14 AM

Engaging in the political process is not anathema to the Christian believer. On the contrary, it an act of faithful stewardship.


Nothing In My Hands I Bring

Chris Woodward | 10/27/2016 1:39:18 PM

Pornography in culture is bad enough but research and statistics indicate it is being viewed by an increasing number of church goers.

A Different Church PHOTO.jpg

A Different Church, a Simple Faith

Anne Reed | 10/26/2016 10:58:34 AM

In a world of excuses and suppression of truth, there are some who really do want to know and to embrace what the word of God says about homosexuality.


What Happens to the GOP on Nov. 9?

Bryan Fischer | 10/25/2016 11:34:15 AM

The 2016 presidential election may be the straw that breaks the GOP back.

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