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Baby Daddies

Baby Daddies

9/19/2014 4:41:05 PM | Jim Stanley

If Mr. Peterson worked at a fish market or a grocery store, this story wouldn’t be national news.


Freedom of Religion & the Satanic Mass

9/19/2014 12:19:17 PM | Bryan Fischer

The judicially activist mangling of the First Amendment has finally and inexorably brought its chickens home to roost.


David Limbaugh on Focal Point

9/19/2014 8:20:33 AM | Bryan Fischer

I had the opportunity to chat today with David Limbaugh about his brand new book


They're trying to kill you!

9/18/2014 4:17:18 PM | Kevin McCullough

The White House, The Justice Department, and The Dept of Homeland Security, have all made direct claims that reports of vulnerability or likelihood of an attack on U.S. soil were just overblown politically-oriented attacks against President Obama.


The Hypocrisy of the SPLC

9/18/2014 2:33:24 PM | Billy Davis

So why would the SPLC claim that conservative politicians are avoiding the VVS


Obama's Military Has a Serious Problem

9/18/2014 12:53:16 PM | Bryan Fischer

This is not a lifestyle any rational society, let alone its military, should embrace or support.

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