A Little Leaven

Confronting the Ideology of the Revoice Movement

The theological debate about homosexuality has changed and many Christians are beginning to ask questions:

  • • What is same-sex attraction and is it sinful?
  • • Are people born gay and is it possible to overcome homosexual desires?
  • • Does it matter if a Christian chooses to identify with the LGBTQ+ acronym?

These questions are the result of the influence of the Revoice movement—a group of “same-sex attracted Christians” who want to see the church adjust its approach to homosexuality in light of secular psychology, sociology, and LGBT experience. Because there is much confusion surrounding the exact beliefs and claims of the Revoice movement, the creation of A Little Leaven was necessary.

A Little Leaven: Confronting the Ideology of the Revoice Movement was written in order to help Christians understand this new challenge to historic Christian teaching on sexuality. Despite the claims of Revoice proponents, AFA research fellow M.D. Perkins shows the contradictions, biblical compromises, and false teaching promoted by the primary representatives of the Revoice movement.

A Little Leaven is a FREE RESOURCE produced by the American Family Association, intended to be shared with pastors, church leaders, and concerned Christians anywhere.


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