• Government

    Powerful Elites Battle for Their Lives

    Walker Wildmon | 2/23/2017 9:25:54 AM
    Donald Trump was elected to do what he is doing: shaking up the establishment.
  • Immigration

    Is a Border Wall Legal and Biblical?

    Walker Wildmon | 2/13/2017 8:22:21 AM
    With so many people up in arms over President Trump's policy on immigration it behooves us as Christians to look carefully at the Bible and the Constitution concerning immigration.
  • Government

    A Constitutional Crisis is Looming

    Walker Wildmon | 2/8/2017 11:34:32 AM
    Here is a look at what could happen when the judicial branch oversteps the executive branch on the issue of immigration.
  • Sanctity of Life

    AFA Supports #ProtestPP

    Walker Wildmon | 2/2/2017 11:20:27 AM
    Join with AFA and many other pro-life groups in the National Day of Protest against Planned Parenthood.
  • The Culture War

    Revisionism, Politics, and Racism

    Walker Wildmon | 2/1/2017 2:08:18 PM
    To hear Democrats and the liberal media tell it, the Democrats championed civil rights and the Republicans were responsible for prolonging slavery and institutionalized racism. Not hardly.
  • The Culture War

    A New Era: Keep Pedaling With Diligence

    Walker Wildmon | 1/27/2017 11:48:04 AM
    American just entered a new era, a refreshing era, but an era in which Christians must remain diligent in their fight for what is right, true, and good.
  • Church

    Will the Church Come Alive in 2017?

    Walker Wildmon | 1/18/2017 11:38:30 AM
    If America can be saved from the quagmire of secularism and humanism it is going to take a revitalized and resurgent Church.
  • Church

    Who Is the Key Player in Discipleship?

    Walker Wildmon | 1/9/2017 2:50:46 PM
    Different people and groups are rightfully involved in Christian discipleship. But when it comes to children, one group should lead.
  • Sanctity of Life

    Kasich's Defeatism Allows 'Heartbeat Bill' to Die

    Walker Wildmon | 12/29/2016 8:57:15 AM
    Ohio Governor John Kasich's defeatist attitude balks at preventing abortions on those unborn children whose heartbeat is clearly discernible.
  • News

    Russian Hacking Sleight of Hand

    Walker Wildmon | 12/19/2016 11:01:08 AM
    If we're up in arms about Russia's alleged interference with our election, why aren't we upset about Obama's attempt to influence Israel's election?
  • Church

    Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?

    Walker Wildmon | 12/13/2016 11:01:57 AM
    Timely information on Christmas and the Church.
  • News

    The Misleading Mainstream Media

    Walker Wildmon | 11/15/2016 2:36:42 PM
    Once again, the mainstream media thinks it can convince you that what you saw or heard isn't what you saw or heard.
  • Election

    Trump Is Right, the System Is Rigged

    Walker Wildmon | 10/5/2016 2:26:56 PM
    All you need is common sense to see the fix is in for liberals in this election cycle.
  • Government

    History of the United States Constitution

    Walker Wildmon | 9/30/2016 1:30:24 PM
    A brief but helpful history and explanation of our U.S. Constitution.
  • News

    The NFL's Selective "Freedom of Expression" Policy

    Walker Wildmon | 9/1/2016 8:32:24 AM
    Apparently, the NFL allows all forms of protest by its players except when they criticize homosexuality.
  • Government

    Democrats Lead Major Cities into Utter Failure

    Walker Wildmon | 8/11/2016 9:20:05 AM
    The policies and leadership of Democrats have turned some of America's finest cities into poverty stricken, crime ridden wastelands.
  • Immigration

    Suspend Islamic Immigration

    Walker Wildmon | 8/2/2016 7:18:57 AM
    America must get a handle on Islamic immigration and mosques that promote hate and harm to other Americans before it is too late.
  • Election

    Values Voter Summit-2016

    Walker Wildmon | 6/30/2016 10:16:12 AM
    Join AFA Action at this year's Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. September 9-11. Come be a part of returning our nation to the values that made America strong in the first place.
  • News

    To My 'Never Trump' Brethren

    Walker Wildmon | 6/23/2016 8:39:23 AM
    Those attacking the integrity of fellow conservative Christians who met with Donald Trump earlier this week should be mindful of who their criticism may help put into the White House in November.
  • The Culture War

    When a Retailer Ignores Customer Safety

    Walker Wildmon | 6/14/2016 3:00:55 PM
    Despite tangible and measurable results of the AFA boycott, Target remains determined to allow men in restrooms/fitting rooms with women and girls. Help us to change their minds.
  • The Culture War

    Reality Must Trump Feelings

    Walker Wildmon | 5/20/2016 9:58:28 AM
    This blogger discusses the long-term ramifications of basing public policy on the certainty of scientific fact versus the fluidity of feelings and desires.
  • Press Releases

    Texas Demands Answers from Target

    Walker Wildmon | 5/6/2016 1:20:29 PM
    AFA applauds Texas for standing up to Target's bathroom policy.
  • The Culture War

    Transgender Bathrooms: Dangerous Public Policy

    Walker Wildmon | 4/21/2016 2:51:47 PM
    Corporations are increasingly becoming crusaders for sexual immorality and indecency in the culture war.
  • The Culture War

    Taking On Corporate Bullies

    Walker Wildmon | 4/14/2016 9:49:27 AM
    North Carolina and Mississippi lead the way in standing up for common sense legislation despite the bullying tactics of the LGBT lobby and corporations who cave to its demands.
  • Press Releases

    Time to Hold Corporate America Accountable: Cancel PayPal Account

    Walker Wildmon | 4/8/2016 4:29:59 PM
    The American Family Association suspends use of its PayPal payment services to draw attention to the corporation's blatant hypocrisy.
  • News

    Religious Liberty a Priority in Mississippi

    Walker Wildmon | 4/5/2016 12:04:15 PM
    Mississippi Gov. signs "Religious Liberty Accommodations Act" into law thereby protecting all citizens of the Magnolia State from unjust persecution by the government.
  • News

    Confront Islamic Terrorism Now

    Walker Wildmon | 3/22/2016 11:01:20 AM
    We are seeing the fruit of unrestricted Islamic immigration in countries like France and Belgium. America better act quickly or scenes of international terrorism will soon be commonplace here.
  • Millennials

    Patriot Project

    Walker Wildmon | 3/8/2016 8:50:18 AM
    To change the moral and political direction of America we must reach out to young Americans and help them become interested in and engage the political process.
  • The Culture War

    Let's Revisit Marriage

    Walker Wildmon | 3/7/2016 2:33:02 PM
    Christians are also citizens and should continue to try to shape policy on issues.
  • Election

    Trio of Pinatas

    Walker Wildmon | 2/26/2016 8:33:05 AM
    The three Republican front-runners offer a wide diversity of talents and strengths.
  • Bible

    The Unsearchable Depth of Christ

    Walker Wildmon | 2/17/2016 11:27:04 AM
    There is so much to know, appreciate, love, and exalt about the record and person of Jesus Christ!
  • Election

    "Wake Up America!"

    Walker Wildmon | 1/29/2016 2:52:11 PM
    One thing the political season is revealing is the deep division and hostility in America. We must find a way forward toward healing.
  • Government

    Don't Take the Establishment's Bait

    Walker Wildmon | 1/15/2016 4:35:38 PM
    Republicans who send stand alone bills to the president to veto should be attaching defunding and repeal efforts to "must pass" bills. Until they do, they are only shadowboxing the president.
  • The Culture War

    The Blind Leading the Blind

    Walker Wildmon | 1/7/2016 2:58:17 PM
    Does the Washington Post not know that the SPLC's "hate group" designation has been discredited and is dangerous, or does it just not care?
  • Government

    Politics Jesus' Way

    Walker Wildmon | 12/29/2015 2:40:31 PM
    Though He wasn't running a political campaign, today's politicians and voters would do well to see how Jesus managed His ministry.
  • Church

    Still Going Strong Because of the "One Thing That Never Changes"

    Walker Wildmon | 12/10/2015 4:36:30 PM
    The American Family Association attributes its success to being faithful to the one thing that never changes.
  • Church

    Thanksgiving: The Fruit of Trusting God

    Walker Wildmon | 11/25/2015 8:51:20 AM
    Thanksgiving was born out of the struggles of America's first colonists.
  • The Culture War

    Fired for Using Common Sense

    Walker Wildmon | 11/11/2015 1:02:45 PM
    People are losing their jobs for not playing along with the transgender agenda.
  • News

    Gifts Today, the Gospel Forever

    Walker Wildmon | 10/21/2015 10:01:02 AM
    AFA's Walker Wildmon helps distribute Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes - and the gospel - on the island of Grenada.
  • The Culture War

    Decades of Denying Reality

    Walker Wildmon | 10/12/2015 11:05:47 PM
    Despite the trends of popular culture, research reveals the need for and benefits of biblical marriages in society.
  • Church

    Realities Concerning the Family

    Walker Wildmon | 10/9/2015 3:04:30 PM
    Research indicates many ways that a biblical family benefits itself and society.
  • Government

    Can You Exercise Your Faith at School?

    Walker Wildmon | 9/22/2015 1:50:14 PM
    First Amendment rights and freedoms do not stop at the schoolhouse door. Here is good information about practicing your faith at school.
  • Church

    A Missed Opportunity for Pope Francis

    Walker Wildmon | 8/31/2015 1:34:40 PM
    The Pope's response to a lesbian author leaves much (righteousness) to be desired.
  • Government

    Fateful Decisions Made by SCOTUS

    Walker Wildmon | 8/20/2015 1:38:55 PM
    Under the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution the Supreme Court has made two decisions that go contrary to the laws of nature and natures God.
  • Sanctity of Life

    Want to Protest Planned Parenthood?

    Walker Wildmon | 8/17/2015 1:10:55 PM
    Please join in a National Day of Protest against Planned Parenthood.
  • News

    The Irrelevancy of Skin Color

    Walker Wildmon | 8/12/2015 9:06:33 AM
    Today's media is conditioning people to look at life racially rather than contextually or spiritually.
  • Sanctity of Life

    The Truth About Abortion

    Walker Wildmon | 8/4/2015 10:03:59 AM
    As the American taxpayer is forced to continue to fund the butchers of Planned Parenthood it is time to hold the politicians accountable.
  • The Culture War

    America Cannot Wait

    Walker Wildmon | 7/21/2015 8:43:58 AM
    Help American Family Association return America to her Christian roots and foundation.
  • News

    Chattanooga and the Second Amendment

    Walker Wildmon | 7/17/2015 2:48:05 PM
    Gun free zones on our own military bases makes absolutely no sense.
  • Bible

    An Atheist's Journey to Salvation

    Walker Wildmon | 7/15/2015 2:45:29 PM
    A powerful story of how the founder of a group that was on AFA's Bigotry Map came to saving faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Millennials


    Walker Wildmon | 7/14/2015 9:45:01 AM
    Living in our fallenness makes keeping God our priority in life difficult...but not impossible.
  • The Culture War

    A Sobering Time for America

    Walker Wildmon | 6/30/2015 1:24:06 PM
    What can faithful Christians do in the midst of the legitimization and celebration of godlessness?
  • News

    Pope Francis: You Are the Problem

    Walker Wildmon | 6/23/2015 7:53:39 AM
    Blogger questions the Pope's sense of priorities.
  • News

    In Defense of Franklin Graham's Decision

    Walker Wildmon | 6/11/2015 1:56:09 PM
    A look at how the media uses subterfuge on behalf of the LGBT agenda.
  • News

    The Media & Its Sudden Moral Crusade

    Walker Wildmon | 6/5/2015 12:53:00 PM
    The media's treatment of the Josh Duggar situation reveals its complete moral hypocrisy.
  • News

    Confusion of Gay Clergyman Obvious

    Walker Wildmon | 6/1/2015 1:35:12 PM
    Former Methodist pastor upset that he had to surrender his credentials or face a church trial after acknowledging he engages in homosexual acts.
  • Bible

    Giver of Life, Redeemer of Souls, and One True God

    Walker Wildmon | 5/29/2015 7:46:12 AM
    Though the darkness is great the light of Jesus Christ shines through.
  • Government

    Government Insisting on Keeping Our Kids "24/7"

    Walker Wildmon | 5/14/2015 3:44:35 PM
    Blogger takes issue with Secretary Duncan's remark that some kids should be under governmental supervision 24/7.
  • Government

    SCOTUS Takes Equal Protection Clause Out of Context

    Walker Wildmon | 5/8/2015 8:54:02 AM
    Blogger points out the absurdity of using the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment for the same sex marriage debate.
  • Millennials

    The Importance of the Family Dinner

    Walker Wildmon | 4/27/2015 10:42:41 AM
    Blogger reminds us of the value in sharing during the family meal.
  • Homosexuality

    Megyn Kelly; You Are Wrong

    Walker Wildmon | 3/31/2015 1:34:09 PM
    Blogger takes Megyn Kelly to task for saying that homosexuals should be a legally protected class of people.
  • The Culture War

    Relativism: Bad for Society

    Walker Wildmon | 3/27/2015 8:21:46 AM
    Relativism is contradictory and dangerous.
  • The Culture War

    Solution to Sexual Anarchy

    Walker Wildmon | 3/20/2015 8:47:02 AM
    The consequences of immorality.
  • Millennials

    Speaking Truth No Matter the Cost

    Walker Wildmon | 3/6/2015 10:04:18 AM
    Taking a stand on biblical principles in the 21st century is tough.
  • The Culture War

    The Great Hypocrisy

    Walker Wildmon | 2/20/2015 8:42:51 AM
    Obama's support of Islam and homosexuality don't jibe.
  • Government

    America Needs True Leadership

    Walker Wildmon | 2/13/2015 8:30:28 AM
    Honesty and integrity are prerequisites for any American President.
  • News

    Abortion, John Boehner, Convictions, & the Gospel

    Walker Wildmon | 2/3/2015 8:50:28 AM
    Walker Wildmon blogs on recent news and Good News.
  • Millennials

    AFA to Support Students For Life Conference

    Walker Wildmon | 1/23/2015 9:31:55 AM
    The American Family Association is sponsoring the 2015 SFL conference just outside Washington D.C. today.
  • Millennials

    When Voices Are Raised, Values Are Restored

    Walker Wildmon | 1/9/2015 10:56:28 AM
    Its time to stand up to the homosexual agenda.
  • Sanctity of Life

    Students for Life Conference

    Walker Wildmon | 1/6/2015 9:17:18 AM
    American Family Association sponsors Students for Life Conference in Maryland.
  • Bible

    The Answer To Our Problem

    Walker Wildmon | 12/11/2014 3:45:08 PM
    Broken families, divided churches and lack of leadership are all factors that play into the rampant sin in America and in the Christian Church.
  • Millennials

    Creator God

    Walker Wildmon | 11/12/2014 9:10:47 AM
    The earth spins in perfect motion.