• Church

    The Christian’s Work

    Jordan Chamblee | 2/22/2017 10:55:49 AM
    Brother Lawrence's example teaches believers how to view work as an essential part of the Christian life.
  • Bible

    The Gospel Defined Life

    Jordan Chamblee | 2/13/2017 2:32:50 PM
    Don't make the dreadful mistake of thinking that once you are saved you no longer need the Bible.
  • Bible

    Burning Coals

    Jordan Chamblee | 2/6/2017 2:04:49 PM
    Christians are to fill themselves with the word of God, not empty their minds of thoughts.
  • Church

    Keep the Gospel Before You

    Jordan Chamblee | 2/3/2017 12:11:10 PM
    Here are some practical ways to thrive in your walk with Christ.
  • Church

    Little Thorns

    Jordan Chamblee | 1/24/2017 12:43:56 PM
    It's easy to turn major life challenges over to God, but the smaller daily trials we often try to manage without His help. That is not very wise.
  • Fatherhood

    Eleven Things I Want to Teach My Son

    Jordan Chamblee | 1/19/2017 9:44:34 AM
    A soon-to-be father awaits the birth of his firstborn son and ponders all that he wants to teach him about life.
  • Church

    Citizens of Eternity

    Jordan Chamblee | 1/12/2017 12:40:31 PM
    The temptation is to live as if God's eternal kingdom is at some other place and time. The reality is that we are already getting our feet wet in eternity...and God is present.
  • Church

    Living Like Christ Is Your Treasure

    Jordan Chamblee | 1/9/2017 11:05:52 AM
    Most Christians probably feel they are "sold out" to Jesus. But what might that cliche actually look like?
  • Church

    What God Wants with You

    Jordan Chamblee | 12/27/2016 10:47:55 AM
    Surely God wants something more for us than the mere satisfaction of getting all the items on our wish list.
  • Christmas

    Be at Peace With All Men

    Jordan Chamblee | 12/19/2016 4:04:41 PM
    This holiday season, when Christians gather together to celebrate the advent of our Savior, we can either honor or dishonor God in the way we relate to others.
  • Christmas

    Join the Triumph of the Skies

    Jordan Chamblee | 12/19/2016 2:18:31 PM
    Advent is not only a time of inward preparation but also renewed hope.
  • Millennials

    Millennials Aren’t as Bad as You Think

    Jordan Chamblee | 12/9/2016 9:13:50 AM
    Here are some positive traits of Millennials that are often overshadowed by negativity.
  • Church

    Following the Shepherd Not the Sheep

    Jordan Chamblee | 9/15/2016 2:54:25 PM
    Sometimes Christians are too busy looking at what other Christians are saying and doing to pay much attention to where Jesus is leading them.
  • Church

    Godly or Worldly Anger

    Jordan Chamblee | 4/5/2016 10:41:59 AM
    Some anger and righteous indignation are necessary and proper for the Christian. However prayerful guidance is needed before they are unleashed.
  • Church

    God of the Graveyard

    Jordan Chamblee | 3/27/2016 4:33:12 PM
    This Easter, allow death to remind you of the hope found only in Christ Jesus.
  • Bible

    The Intentional Christmas

    Jordan Chamblee | 12/21/2015 3:05:53 PM
    Focus and intentionality are key to insuring a biblical and spiritual Christmas.
  • Christian Persecution

    Persecuted Christians Need Our Prayers

    Jordan Chamblee | 11/2/2015 10:38:00 AM
    The persecuted Christian is not an ancient relic of the past. It is still taking place today and those in its fire need to be lifted up continually in prayer.
  • Bible

    The Glorious Ending

    Jordan Chamblee | 8/31/2015 8:29:59 AM
    "We got to learn how to finish!" Words that carry weight not only for sports teams but the community of faith as well.
  • Church

    Keeping Obedience in Perspective

    Jordan Chamblee | 6/9/2015 9:16:56 AM
    As sin and evil progress in culture and the world, obedience is still the most important work to which people of faith are called.
  • Church

    Christians Are Not Free

    Jordan Chamblee | 5/21/2015 1:06:20 PM
    Our example for living is only Christ – as He lived so we must live.
  • Millennials

    The Antithesis of Liberalism

    Jordan Chamblee | 4/30/2015 7:47:00 AM
    Not even conservative ideology can replace the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Church

    The Great Challenge for the Church

    Jordan Chamblee | 4/28/2015 8:46:47 AM
    Blogger reminds the Church of its most important responsibility in the days and weeks to come.
  • Church

    The Church As She Is

    Jordan Chamblee | 3/20/2015 12:38:14 PM
    Having wrong expectations for the Church cannot help but produce dissatisfaction.
  • Christian Persecution

    When We Pray for Justice

    Jordan Chamblee | 3/3/2015 1:31:45 PM
    We are in danger of allowing our hearts to dictate a desire for a false justice that is very close to revenge.
  • Church

    The Real Victory

    Jordan Chamblee | 2/24/2015 10:59:58 AM
    The sickness in America is not a social or political sickness. It is a heart sickness.
  • Homosexuality

    Loving Him means loving "Them"

    Jordan Chamblee | 2/20/2015 7:47:32 AM
    What did Christ do when He encountered a sinner? If you’re a Christian, then you already know from experience.
  • Church

    Kisses and Silver

    Jordan Chamblee | 1/20/2015 11:11:30 AM
    As much as I’d like to believe this, that there’s nothing in my heart that would sell Christ, I cannot.
  • Sanctity of Life

    Could I Forgive a Murderer?

    Jordan Chamblee | 1/16/2015 9:27:20 AM
    Today is “Sanctity of Life” day.
  • Church

    Conviction at the Cost of Love

    Jordan Chamblee | 1/15/2015 10:25:13 AM
    How we conduct theological debate is critical.
  • Church

    Jealous of the World

    Jordan Chamblee | 1/13/2015 4:35:31 PM
    The world was winning, and the American church was whimpering in defeat.
  • Millennials

    The Gospel Connection Part 3

    Jordan Chamblee | 1/6/2015 4:12:02 PM
    We are called to give ourselves up to Christ, not just for our own benefit, but also so that they can see He is worth it.
  • Millennials

    The Gospel Connection Part 2

    Jordan Chamblee | 1/5/2015 7:36:03 AM
    Dishonoring God in our witness.
  • Millennials

    The Gospel Connection Part 1

    Jordan Chamblee | 12/30/2014 12:59:12 PM
    From the high school student to the college graduate, the gospel we’re offered in many church settings is packaged very differently than what the more “grown up” Christians receive.
  • Church

    Lone Wolf Christianity

    Jordan Chamblee | 12/29/2014 7:31:56 AM
    There’s never been a time when the necessity of church and fellowship has been called into question as much as today.
  • Church

    George Muller-Seeking God

    Jordan Chamblee | 12/19/2014 7:47:42 AM
    Müller’s greatest concern was to know God as He revealed Himself in the Scriptures.
  • Church

    Charles Spurgeon - Look and Live

    Jordan Chamblee | 12/16/2014 10:52:15 AM
    In his early years, we see a very different Spurgeon than the immortalized preacher he is known as today.
  • Millennials

    A.W. Tozer - An Overflowing Life

    Jordan Chamblee | 12/11/2014 2:09:05 PM
    He was filled to overflowing.