AFA Today Listen Now

AFA TODAY is hosted by Kevin McCullough, and focuses on the top news items of the day and how the many varied ministries of the American Family Association works to inject Christ and Biblical values into that national dialogue daily

Cross Examined

Cross Examined With Frank Turek mission is to equip high school and college students to know why Christianity is true, how to defend it, and how to refute those who try to corrupt them.

Exploring The Word with Alex McFarland Exploring the Word with Alex McFarland is a simple Bible study designed to discover what the Bible has to say about key Christian and Biblical concepts.The word is our final authority so let’s explore it together.
Financial Issues with Dan Celia Financial Issues with Dan Celia will help motivate you to be a responsible Steward of God's Money. Dan believes that helping people make good financial decisions will grow their ability to give, thereby growing Kingdom work. Call with your questions on any financial issue.
Focal Point Listen Now

Focal Point with Bryan Fischer is a show that explores the intersection of biblical truth and public life!

Nothing But Truth Listen Now

Nothing But Truth with Crane Durham® is a show that provides commentary and analysis of the day’s top stories. With expert guests, passionate callers and Crane’s unapologetic yet respectful approach.

Sold Out Sports Talk with Roman Gabriel III

Its All Access - Roman talks to the biggest personalities in sports- about what really matters - faith, family and community! Have you ever wondered who your favorite players and coaches really are away from the game? Get the inside story on on the biggest personalities is sports – Roman goes up close and personal!

Todays Issues

Today’s Issues deals with hard hitting moral, social and political topics. The program is hosted by Tim Wildmon and you can listen to any of the past programs online.