Complete turnaround this year: This company now says "Merry Christmas!"

November 12, 2013

About eight years ago, roughly 80 percent of the nation's retailers ignored the theme of Christmas in their stores and in advertising, choosing instead to use the politically correct terms "Happy Holidays" or "Holiday Sales."

While there has been a major turnaround among the companies, there have been some holdouts.

AFA began working with GAP Inc. about five years ago when it adamantly refused to use the term 'Christmas' in any of its seasonal advertising." For that reason, AFA asked you to boycott Gap stores during the Christmas shopping season last year. Your efforts have paid off. 

American Family Association has just received a personal letter from Bill Chandler, vice-president for global corporate affairs at GAP, saying things are very different this year at its Gap and Old Navy branded stores. 

Read the amazing letter from Gap here. 

Gap says this year its stores will place "Merry Christmas" signs in every store, along with Christmas trees and a special "Christmas-themed event" at all Old Navy stores.

We believe this change is the direct result of your and AFA's efforts. But we still need your help.

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