"Evolution vs. God" is a powerful tool in reaching lost souls for Christ.

New DVD turns skeptics into believers – add it to your witness tool bag today!

August 9, 2013 

AFA is teaming up with evangelist Ray Comfort to distribute "Evolution vs. God" far and wide, especially to those who reject God, the Bible and creation. Specifically, teams of Christian student groups on some of the nation’s most liberal colleges are in place and stand ready to personally hand this eye-opening DVD to other students. Right now, I hope you will partner with me by investing in getting the "Evolution vs. God" DVD into as many young hands as possible. 

Here's how: 

First, watch the trailer. You'll get a great overview of just how this video can impact non-believers. 

Once you've seen the trailer, I know you'll want a personal copy for yourself.  We are offering "Evolution vs. God" to you for a suggested donation of only $5.00 to AFA. 

Then...help us get this DVD into the hands of young people at America's most liberal colleges and universities! When you order your personal copy, you’ll have the opportunity to make an additional donation to purchase DVDs that will reach unbelieving college students. 

For every additional $5.00 donation you make to the ministry of AFA, a copy will be personally handed to a student on a college campus! 

Plus...when you order your DVD, be sure to check the box for the free Evolution vs. God Companion Guide to accompany your copy! 

Watch the trailer here and order your copy of "Evolution vs. God" today!  

Please, if you do nothing else, watch the trailer!