We're printing petitions to the BSA, make sure yours is included

May 13, 2013

In nine days, the American Family Association will hand-deliver nearly one-quarter million petitions to the national office of the Boy Scouts of America.

Our petition is simple...Don't change your policy.

Our printers are running full blast to make sure every petition is ready, but we have time to print a petition from you. Sign today! 

The stakes are too high for you not to get involved. On May 23, 1,400 delegates to the annual BSA meeting will be asked to vote on a resolution that will allow openly homosexual and transgender teenage boys to join the ranks of scouting.

The Boy Scouts have been bullied relentlessly by intolerant homosexual activist groups. Your petition will serve to let the Scouts know you believe in their oath to remain "morally straight."

TAKE ACTION - Time is running out!

If you haven't already...

1. Sign your petition to the Boy Scouts of America. AFA will hand deliver your petition to the BSA for you, the day the vote takes place.

NOTE: Only your name and zip code will be included on the petition to the BSA. Any other personal information you share will be kept confidential to AFA. 

2. Please use the link below to "share" this alert with your Facebook friends. Urge them to sign the petition too! 

Take Action Now  Sign your petition to the Boy Scouts of America now!