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Combined Federal Campaign
(CFC) #12037 

American Family Association actively participants in the

Combined Federal Campaign.

 If you are a federal employee or in the military, you can designate American Family Association as your charity of choice simply by writing #12037 on your pledge form. 
  • For over 30 years AFA has fought to protect our nation and our children from immoral influences in the entertainment industry, business and sometimes, even our schools.
  • AFA promotes strategic citizen action aimed at preserving all that is wholesome and decent in our society.  Our children are worth the sacrifice. 
  • With a CFC pledge of $48.00 only $4.00 per month 
  • $48.00 pays to email the "AFA Action Alert" to over 31,452 parents, informing them of issues relative to and affecting their children and family.  
  • $48.00 keeps 8,448 persons informed of current issues and breaking news stories from an unbiased perspective on    
  • $48.00 supports the education of 950 households regarding concerns and issues through receipt of the American Family Association Journal, including entertainment and human interest stories as well as in-depth reporting, all geared toward protecting and informing the family.  
  • $48.00 pays for 3 1/4 minutes of radio programming reaching thousands of households and businesses across the US simultaneously on almost 200 radio stations and worldwide on the internet.  It changes lives with 24 hour a day programming which offers music, current news and information and “talk” from a conservative perspective.