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The Action Alert keeps you up-to-date on issues in which AFA encourages action from our constituency. Each Action Alert contains a brief summary of the the issue at hand, then prescribes steps you can take to make a difference, letting your voice be heard. The Action Alert is sent via e-mail on an as needed basis. Currently, we have over 14,000 subscribers. Stay informed, subscribe today. is a Christian news service - with more than 1,200 broadcast, print, and online affiliates in 45 states and 11 foreign countries - that exists to present the day's stories from a Biblical perspective. We not only feature the latest breaking stories from across the United States and around the world, but also news of the challenges facing Christians in today's society.  At, you will get your news from reporters you can trust to give the latest news without the liberal bias that characterizes so much of the "mainstream" media.  For a refreshing and informative change in where you get your news, log on to where you will get your news from a Christian prespective.

The AFA Journal

The AFA Journal, the ministry's monthly magazine, has approximately 180,000 paid subscribers. The magazine serves as the most thorough expression of AFA’s positions on a wide variety of issues of interest to American families. A full-text version of the monthly Journal is available online.

Our goal is to stop the exploitation of our children, especially by the entertainment media (TV, music, movies, etc.). Mom, is the most powerful tool you have to stand against the immorality, violence, vulgarity and profanity the entertainment media is throwing at your children. It is time to fight back!  We are searching for one million moms who are willing to join the fight for our children. We want our children to have the best chance possible of living in a moral society.