Ray Rooney, Jr.: Why It Needs To Be Said
Monday, February 03, 2014 2:22 PM

There is so much evil, sin, and unrighteousness in the world today that one often does not know where to begin to address it.  The prevalence and vitriol of ungodliness even begs the question of whether or not any individual or small group should even speak out.  Doing so would only seem to alert the enemy to your presence and put you in the crosshairs of ridicule and persecution.  Look at what happens today when anyone dares speak out on behalf of traditional Christian marriage.  Does Chick-fil-A and Phil Robertson ring any memory bells? 

Who is brave enough to speak out against this President and Administration’s agenda?  You will be labelled a racist and audited by the IRS if you do.  Speak out for the lives of unborn children and you will be attacked as a hater of women and their rights.  Stand against the invasion of pornography on prime time television for the sake of decency and the protection of our children and amid the cries of “censorship!” you will be told to change the channel if you don’t like what is on.  Send a child to school during Christmas with a candy cane for classmates and the teacher will throw them in the trash and tell your kid that Jesus isn’t welcome in school. 

Even within the imagined comfort and safety of our churches you would be wise to keep your opinions to yourself.  The first bit of angst I ever dealt with among churchgoers was when I taught a Sunday School lesson to the adult class that simply stated the Bible’s position on divorce.  God doesn’t like it.  I found out that apparently God doesn’t mind if Christians are doing it.  On another occasion a guest speaker at church simply stated how important it is that Christians get out and vote their conscience.  He didn’t suggest who to vote for or even a political party. Just vote.  A perturbed church member loudly stated, “I don’t appreciate coming to church and hearing anything about politics!”  Try and get your local church to take a stand against the left-leaning ideologies that both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are embracing and see what happens.

There just does not seem to be much incentive for any Christian or group of Christians to defend their faith or speak up concerning their Bible based convictions.  Live and let live.  Go along to get along.  Keep religious matters in the church sanctuary. 

And yet I seem to remember an exchange between Jesus and the ruling elite on Palm Sunday (Luke 19:37-40).  As He entered Jerusalem people were shouting out “Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory in the highest.” Not surprisingly Jesus was scolded by the powers that be and told “Teacher, rebuke your disciples!”  You get the sense as you read that the objection was that these hicks from the hill country of Galilee ought to keep their superstitious religious beliefs to themselves.  There was no place among the sophisticated citizenry in the capital of Israel for such backwoods religiosity.  Here is how Jesus responded: “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”

And what an indictment that would be against those who believe in Jesus!  Do I really want to say that I believe in the God of the Bible, accept the forgiveness of my sins at such an astounding cost to Him, trust Him that when I die eternal life and fellowship with God will be my reward but rather than tell the world how gracious and holy He is because it may not be well received I will leave God to use nature as His chief voice of thanksgiving, praise, and proclamation?  If He writhed in agony on the cross for me then I think I owe it to Him to let my voice be heard even though I understand the world doesn’t want to hear what I have to say.  I will not allow the stones to speak of the glory of God because I won’t.  Who, in their right mind, wants to stand before a Man with scars in His hands, feet, and side and explain that the stones had to cry out because I wasn’t comfortable with telling people how I feel or what I believe about Him? 

There is another word from the Bible it would behoove believers to remember: “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom he has redeemed from trouble” (Psalm 107:2).  Well, I am certainly one who has been redeemed by the gracious hand of God from trouble by the work of His Son Jesus Christ.  Jesus did not die on a cross to ensure the salvation of a stone.  I will not stand before God embarrassed and humiliated because a rock had to say what I was unwilling to voice.  God is good.  Jesus is Lord.  Holiness unto Lord.  Repent and believe the Gospel.  Say so.

Ray Rooney, Jr.