Ray Rooney, Jr.: The Real Problem with Homosexuality
Friday, September 06, 2013 12:28 PM

What I find perverse about homosexuality is the insistence from the gay community that I should know about their sexual proclivities.  Normal people understand that sex is an extremely intimate and therefore private act.  I would find it troubling, if not disgusting, for anyone to talk publicly about what kind of sex they like to practice.  Normal people do not want to broadcast to the world the details of their sex lives.  There is something wrong with those who want complete strangers to know who they like to have sex with.

Medical statistics tell me homosexuality is unhealthy.  My Christian faith teaches me it is unrighteous.  Common sense tells me it is unfruitful and unnatural.  But none of that is why I am fed up with the gay community.  I’m just sick of hearing about how one group of people demand that everyone in the world accept who they want to have sex with!

Not long ago I received a call from someone looking for information about church.  He wasn’t really interested in learning anything about the congregation…he just wanted to know what I thought about homosexuality and how he would be treated in church.  When I asked him how anyone was going to know he was a homosexual unless he told them there was silence.  And that was very telling.  He called me to talk about his sexuality and how others would react to it.  I really can’t think of any other group of people whose chief concern when seeking out a place to worship is how their sex life fits in.

I wonder if all the stories making the news today about bakers and florists being forced to cater to homosexuals would be stories but for people announcing who they like to have sex with?  I mean, did the offended customers come in and ask for a wedding cake or flowers for their wedding and were denied service because they looked like homosexuals?  Or did the customer come in and announce their sexual preference and then demand service?  I suspect the latter.

I believe homosexuality is wrong.  Just like I believe adultery and sex outside of marriage is wrong.  But even though I believe I have good reasons for opposing homosexuality as a normative lifestyle based on science, medicine, and faith, that is not why I strongly oppose it.  I believe anyone who insists everyone know what they do in their bedroom and with whom is perverse.  Normal people do not define themselves solely on the basis of who they are sexually attracted to. 

Ray Rooney, Jr.