Ray Rooney, Jr.: Think Before You Cry “Hate!”
Tuesday, June 18, 2013 8:48 AM

So the Kansas Secretary of State is labeled the King of Hate by over 300 Latinos who illegally swarmed his home because he believes in immigration reform?  We have reached a point in this great nation where anyone who doesn’t believe that everyone has a right to anything is called hateful. It’s hateful to believe that people who break our laws to get here should not be rewarded with amnesty while millions of immigrants who are following the proper legal procedure to become citizens are sent the message “you wasted your time and money doing it the right way”?

It’s hateful to oppose a lifestyle that has claimed the lives of 619,000 people since 1981 and dangles the sword of Damocles (HIV) over the heads of 1.7 million people?  According to the Southern Poverty Law Center the American Family Association is a hate group because it opposes the homosexual agenda.  Opposing a lifestyle that infects one in five people who practice it with the 21st century equivalent of the Black Death is hate?

When the President was campaigning for election he referred to those who “cling to guns or religion” as being bitter implying all who do are hate filled bigots.  There is something wrong with embracing a religion that places a premium on righteousness and holiness?  I am somehow a problematic citizen because I believe in the wisdom of the Founders who insured every American the right to keep and bear arms?

I am hateful because I believe it is wrong to take the money I have earned by the sweat of my brow and give it to those who believe they are entitled to free food, money they didn’t work for, free cell phones, and free health care?  That’s the thing about my religion.  It teaches, “those unwilling to work will not get to eat.”  It’s considered hateful not to give freebies to those who are not unable but unwilling to work?

How is it that it was considered brave and wonderful for a professional basketball player to “come out” as a homosexual but a high school valedictorian has his mike cut off the moment he mentions Jesus Christ?  Although I do not approve of homosexuality and do not care to listen to speeches about it I certainly believe any homosexual has the right to talk about their life choices.  Yet a person who believes in his heart that his relationship to Jesus Christ enabled him to finish high school with the highest GPA is literally silenced the moment he says something about his faith? 

Here is a helpful word to those who insist that everyone who does not embrace their proclivities, opinions, and viewpoints is hateful.  Saying “no” doesn’t equate to hate.  I have four children who range in age from 28 to 12.  They have heard me say “no,” “don’t,” “if you do x then y will be the consequence,” “chores don’t pay,” and “your allowance is forfeited if you don’t do the work that was associated with it.”  None of them (to my knowledge) ever believed that anything I said that might have limited their expectations or desires was born of hate.  Disagreements abounded (and still do).  Consequences for breaking faith or rules were experienced.  I understood they would push limits and test boundaries.  They understood/understand punishment doesn’t equate to hate.

It’s time for adults who don’t get everything they think they are entitled to to understand what their children already do.  Just because you don’t get what you want doesn’t mean that those who aren’t giving it to you are filled with seething bigoted hatred.  Grow up.  Learn to listen.  Learn to debate.  Understand that there are times when you just have to agree to disagree.  Stop crying “Hate!” just because you don’t get what you want when you want it from whom you think you deserve it. 

There are bona fide reasons why people oppose amnesty for illegals that has nothing to do with hate.  The same goes for opposition to homosexual marriage, entitlements, gun control and everything else that is considered wonderful by liberals.  Resorting to calling anyone who opposes your worldview as being “hateful” isn’t even childish (as your own kids don’t even believe that).  It’s just plain lazy and irresponsible.

Ray Rooney, Jr.