David P. Smith: What’s next? Men as Girl Scout leaders?
Tuesday, February 05, 2013 9:16 AM
This week the Boy Scouts are reportedly deciding whether or not to accept homosexuals as scout masters. I can’t help but wonder if the same people who want to see this happen would accept men as leaders of Girl Scout groups. What is the difference? If we are to continue to buy the notion that there is only relative morality, then how could any other choices be opposed? What argument would one have against having a man who thinks he’s a woman (they call that “transgendered”; however, you can remove or add body parts, but you cannot change the DNA) stay over for the next Girl Scout slumber party? Why not have women as Boy Scout leaders? 

This is all absurdity and reflects the loss of a foundation based upon God being the Creator. The public schools perpetually tear down creationism and teach the children that they slowly evolved through some initial cosmic, accidental, chance happening. What hogwash! Knowledgeable scientists know that it is statistically impossible that the complex world we live in just happened to all work out like it has. The creation itself points to its Creator. However, if God is removed from one’s mind as being the Creator, then what absolute authority exists for Him to guide our lives? What is left is relative morality in which each person decides what is right in his own eyes. That is what we have now, even within some of the churches. 

Putting political correctness aside and not being concerned with whether the largely liberal media agree, we must consider whether it logically makes any sense to designate a group of people, who define themselves by their sexuality choice, to have the ability to lead as examples to young boys. We readily recognize the need for our leaders to be of good health and to set an example of healthy living. It is extremely clear that living a homosexual lifestyle is not a healthy choice and men who live this way have life expectancies of eight to twenty years less than other men (International Journal of Epidemiology, Vol. 26, 657-61). In the October 1999 issue of American Medical Association Archives of General Psychiatry, two studies confirmed the existence of a strong link between homosexuality and suicide, as well as other mental and emotional problems. Having homosexual leaders in the Boy Scouts will make this appear more acceptable to impressionable youth; those youth who identify themselves as homosexual, lesbian and bisexual are four times more likely than other youth to suffer from major depression; anxiety disorders are tripled; conduct disorders are quadrupled, and more than six times likely to have attempted suicide. These statistics are similar to what I have seen in the practice of medicine. 

Since these facts cannot be denied, the current plan of many homosexual activists is to point their finger at “homophobia”, bullying, and minority status as the cause of these disorders, but the most extensive studies have been done in the Netherlands and New Zealand where homosexuality is widely accepted. In an interview with Zenit News, Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, a child and adult psychiatrist in practice for more than 27 years, said, “Compared to controls who had no homosexual experience in the 12 months prior to the interviews, males who had any homosexual contact within that time period were much more likely to experience major depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia and obsessive compulsive disorder. Females with any homosexual contact within the previous 12 months were more often diagnosed with major depression, social phobia or alcohol dependence.” In conclusion, Dr. Fitzgibbons stated, “Men and women with a history of homosexual contact had a higher prevalence of nearly all psychiatric disorders measured in the study. These findings are the result of a lifestyle marked by rampant promiscuity and an inability to make commitments, combined with unresolved sadness, profound insecurity, anger and mistrust from childhood and adolescence.”  

Many misguided people today spout off what they listen to on the television regarding “hate” speech and attempt to label anyone who disagrees with them as being hateful. The very statement reveals their own heart towards those with whom they disagree, but doesn’t necessarily reflect the heart of the people about whom they speak so personally. When tobacco usage is discussed, it is the facts that reveal this to be a harmful choice. Homosexuality definitely causes a loss of lifespan for those who practice it, so why should this be promoted as acceptable? I have patients who are homosexual and I have just as much respect for them as human beings as anyone else, but I will promote those lifestyle choices that are healthy. It’s been great over the years to know some who have left homosexuality and have had their lives changed. Allowing homosexuals into leadership positions of the Boy Scouts is misguided and dangerous; emotions should not guide these decisions, but common sense, medical facts, and, yes, God’s Word.