Bryan Fischer: American Association of Religious Bigots (AARB)
Tuesday, November 15, 2011 9:42 AM

By Bryan Fischer
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Below is a list of the official, Focal Point-certified members of the AARB, the American Association of Religious Bigots.

Membership is earned by individuals or organizations who demonstrate that they are Christophobic bigots through their opposition to the free exercise of religion, speech, press or association by followers of Christianity, a religion the Founders were specifically protecting by the First Amendment.

(Note: membership is listed in reverse chronological order. Latest additions to this ignoble roster are listed first.)

12. High school junior Jessica Ahlquist joins the AARB. This little atheist tyrant, with the help of the grammatically challenged Freedom From Religion Foundation (the Constitution guarantees freedom “of” religion, not freedom “from” religion), got a prayer banner pulled off the wall of a Rhode Island high school, a banner that had not been bothering anybody since it was first put up in 1963. News flash: the Constitution hasn’t changed since then. It was constitutionally fine then, and it is constitutionally fine now. She complained that the presence of the banner showed the school didn’t “respect” her views. Her challenge shows only one thing: she’s the one who does not respect anyone’s view but her own. This petty and vengeful student managed to override the Constitution’s guarantee of the free exercise of religion and free speech and thus becomes the newest religious bigot in America.The school meekly capitulated to avoid the possibility of having to pay huge attorney’s fees if it lost on appeal. Apparently, in their judgment, the right to liberty isn’t unalienable after all. Hey Jessica: if you don’t like the banner, don’t look at it. Nobody is forcing you to notice it, read it, agree with it, or pay any attention to it at all. (2/17/12) 

11. Vanderbilt University, for ordering Christian student clubs to violate their own deeply held religious beliefs by requiring them to open leadership positions to atheists and Muslims. The clubs will have to violate their own consciences or get tossed off campus. We need anti-bullying legislation to protect Christians at Vanderbilt from their own administration. (Added 2/7/12)

10. President Barack Obama, for ordering Christian institutions such as hospitals and schools to offer free contraceptives, sterilizations, and abortifacients to employees even if doing so requires them to violate their most deeply held religious convictions. What we need is anti-bullying legislation to protect Christians from our own president. He becomes the first two-time winner of this designation, having earned his place initially by opposing inclusion of FDR’s D-Day prayer on the World War II Memorial. (Added 2/7/12)

9. The commander of Walter Reed National Military Medical center (12/3/11) outed himself as a religious bigot by trying to ban Bibles and all religious reading materials from military hospitals. Family members would not even be allowed to read Psalm 23 at the bedside of a dying family member. He didn’t get away with this blatant anti-Christian bigotry, but it’s not because the Obama administration didn’t try.

 8. Hollings Cancer Center, Charleston, S.C. (11/17/11). First the Center fired Santa Claus and Christ, but under public pressure reinstated Santa Claus.  But Jesus is still banned from any displays connected to Christmas. What about the word “CHRISTmas” do these brain-addled bureaucrats not understand? 

7. Western Washington University (11/13/11). Add Western Washington University to the list of religious bigots. They booted Liberty University from a law school fair because Liberty holds to a biblical view of human sexuality. 

6. Atheist Mikey Weinstein (11/4/11). Add Mikey Weinstein to American Association of Religious Bigots (AARB). Bullies Air Force into withdrawing help for poor kids. We need anti-bullying legislation to protect us from punk bullies like Weinstein.  

5. President Barack Obama (11/4/11). Add President Obama to the American Association of Religious Bigots (AARB). He opposes inclusion of  FDR’s D-Day prayer at the WWII memorial.  His administration claims the prayer would "dilute" the impact of the memorial, and would not "inspire" folks who visit. 

4. Department of Health and Human Services (10/25/11), for revoking a $2.5 million grant to Catholic bishops who were using it to halt human trafficking. Why? Because bishops have sincerely held religious convictions against abortion. 

3. Owasso Public Schools (10/25/11), for refusing to allow a Christian club to distribute flyers promoting its events, while allowing the Boy Scouts, the YMCA and the Chamber of Commerce to do so. What about freedom of speech does this school district not understand? 

2. The Freedom from Religion Foundation (10/23/11), for objecting to a statue of Jesus that’s been up in Montana since the 1950s and hasn’t bothered anybody in all that time. Earth to FFRF: it can’t be unconstitutional; the Constitution says absolutely nothing about statues of Jesus. The only thing the First Amendment prevents is the establishment of one official Christian denomination as the official church of the United States. A statue doesn’t do that. Problem solved. 

The FFRF also tried to prevent Gov. Rick Perry from praying at his own event, The Response, in August of 2011, and is systematically trying to stop prayer before high school football games throughout the South. Earth to FFRF: the Constitution doesn’t say a single, solitary thing about prayer before high school football games. It can’t be unconstitutional. Problem solved. 

1. Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) (10/21/11), for condemning a Christian school teacher who expressed criticism of her school’s celebration of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender history. The teacher expressed this criticism on her own Facebook page. 

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