The Bottom Line on the Fundraiser in Chief
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 8:54 AM

On June 13, 2011, President Barack Obama attended a fundraiser in Miami. Around 900 supporters of the president showed up at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, Florida. He also attended a fundraiser at the home of former Samsonite CEO Steven Green, a former Clinton ambassador to Singapore.  

There is also the little issue of the President stumping for funds at the White House. According to the New York Times, President Obama, at an event organized by the Democratic National Committee, invited two dozen Wall Street executives to the WH. Many of them are longtime donors. 


O.K, let's go ahead and skip the fact that President Obama has done everything he can to vilify and destroy Wall Street. We'll look past the fact that he doesn't want their input, or their ideas. He just wants their money. 


I do not like the idea of paying for a fundraiser with tax payer money. That's exactly what happened. The WH is run with taxpayer money. Every staff member, every Secret Service agent, every secretary, is paid for by us. We paid for the lunch, the lights, and the water to wash the dishes. 


Now some people will argue with me about semantics, whether other presidents have done it I don't know. But here is the real issue: He is spending so much time raising money for himself, that he isn't raising any for US.


That's right, the US. He is spending all of our money, sending the economy down the tubes, flying all over the world on our dime, and wasting our time on the golf course. We have 9 percent unemployment people. 


He should be focusing more on fixing the economy than fixing his coffers. Because I'll tell you this, if people have to pay $5 a gallon for the gas to get to the voting booth, than all this fundraising will have been for not.


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